4 Benefits Of Natural Timber Staining

Natural Timber Staining

Timber structures will benefit from regular and thorough staining jobs. Exterior, factors such as rain, UV rays and age can take their toll on the quality and appearance of any outdoor timber structure such as fencing, furniture or decking.

For this reason, we suggest outsourcing staining experts in Nelson to ensure the longevity of your timber, no matter where it is within the home. While you can opt for regular wood stains and oils, eco-friendly options are available that are natural, non-toxic, far better for the environment and human health, and just as effective.

We use this article to explain why all timber structures significantly benefit from regular staining sessions.

Increase Longevity 

Timber is a popular building material solution as it is entirely natural, meaning that it is also biodegradable and a fantastic building material choice. However, any naturally occurring materials can become susceptible to the elements, causing mould or rotting that can be detrimental to human health. The last thing you want is for your gorgeous wood to become damaged, and staining traduttore italiano friulano is a proven way to add nutrients to the wood to keep it healthy and sturdy for years to come.

Improves Aesthetics 

One of the primary reasons timber is such a popular choice is its sleek, beautiful and earthy appearance. The look and feel of natural resources within the home can elevate mood and provide calm and serenity. Therefore, maintaining its appearance is essential to adding timber to any space. Organic staining allows the natural beauty of the wood to stand out by amplifying its rich beauty and colour, making it appear lustrous for far longer.

Provides Protection 

As previously mentioned, your timber may be exposed to external elements that take their toll on the wood quality over time. Water seeps into the wood, causing it to weaken while providing the ideal environment for mould and mildew to form. Sunlight can cause the wood to fade, dry out and appear discoloured. Staining offers a protective layer to the timber’s pores, which prevent it from absorbing water, helping it look brand new for years to come!


Maintainance will always be more cost-effective than replacement, not to mention the time saved on replacing an entire project. Moreover, among the finishing options like painting Nelson, natural stains are a far cheaper and more durable option. While reapplication will be necessary, the coat will last much longer than paint, which tends to chip and crack off.

Choosing the perfect timber and wood stain for your project is imperative to enhancing the aesthetics, saving you time and money and improving the overall lifespan of the material. We recommend natural staining solutions provided by our staining experts in Nelson. Pure Eco Painting have you covered with your natural timber staining job, so why not reach out? Contact us today.

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