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In NZ, we place so much emphasis on our environment, yet there are so many choices we make every day that we don’t consider. Exterior house paints are one of those choices. For too long, we’ve been led to think that acrylic and toxic paints are the only option. Here at Pure Eco Painting, we’ve found another way.

Our range of paints and oils are durable, look great, and come in almost any colour you want.

What are the warranties on your external natural paint?

Our warranty is ten years, the industry standard length. But applied correctly an maintained, we expect the paints will last much longer.

Why should you use natural exterior paints?

Exterior paints use a range of toxic products to provide UV blocking, fungicidal and mildewcidal qualities. These can be harmful—and this toxic paint is on your home for 10-15 years. There’s a range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint that can cause headaches, breathing problems, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. Some experts think that these VOCs continue to emit fumes for years. The outcomes of using these paints aren’t fully known, so why risk it?

Manufacture of paints and other chemicals contribute VOCs to the global atmosphere. Long after the smell of the paint has receded, there’s evidence to suggest traditional paints contribute to air pollution.

Our natural paints have no VOCs, no toxic chemicals, and they look great.

Exterior Or Interior House Painting
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Why use Pure Eco Painting?

Alongside our amazing range of natural paints and oils, we have the skills and experience to back it up. Our team have years of experience, over a wide variety of commercial and residential projects.

We start with a thorough plan that specifies how best to redecorate your property, working in conjunction with you to create a personalised finish that suits your life and home. We pay extra attention to the exterior, as the paint finish is vital for ensuring a water-tight home. There may be repairs or extra prep work required, depending on the existing paint. What colours do you want the soffit to be? The windowsills?

We take time to inspect the house and ensure there’s no underlying problems that could cause problems in the future. It’s far cheaper and easier to replace a weatherboard now than in two years when it’s been leaking.

We use vacuum sanders to remove old paint, which collects chemical dust and prevents it going into your gardens or blowing away into the environment. This keeps you safe, even as we remove the old, toxic paint. We have good communication throughout the process, and keep you informed as we go.

Finally, the end product is just as good as any mainstream product, but just without the harm. No harm to us, your painters, no harm to you, your family and pets, and no harm to the environment.

What are your exterior paint products?

We have a range of eco-positive products that we use for house exteriors. From weatherboards, plastered systems, fences to decks to your house paint, we have some amazing options to choose from

Eco safe exterior paint: This is a high-performing, self-priming paint. It gives a tough, flexible membrane to the house exterior. It’s ideal for weatherboards, brick, galvanised iron, concrete, plasterboard and fibre cement board, but can also be used as a roof paint. It’s UV resistant, waterproof, and resistant to moss and lichen, ensuring your home will look great for years to come. It can be tinted in any colour you like, matching other common house paint brands.

Speciality undercoat: This undercoat adheres well to all surfaces, preparing them for the final paint finish. It ensures the paint goes on smoother, looks better, and stays on for longer. This undercoat is a water-based sealer, primer and undercoat all in one.

Exterior oil: Our water-based oil modified stain is ideal for decking, garden furniture, fencing and panelling, timber cladding and any other outdoor timber. It’s highly resistant to UV, water repellent, and anti-mould. It comes in a range of attractive colours.

Tung oil: This is a natural oil, extracted from the seeds of the Tung tree. It is sometimes called China wood oil or nut oil. It results in a beautiful finish that’s water-resistant and elastic, making it perfect for external uses. It seals well, making it food safe and appropriate for outdoor furniture. It works well on timber, raw concrete and mud brick.

Pure Danish oil: This is a mix of Tung oil and citrus peel oil. It’s totally safe and non-toxic, ideal for use on furniture, wooden trim, rabbit hutches, playgrounds, and toys. It’s not recommended for timber flooring.

Deck oil: This oil uses a mix of wood resins, plant oils, earth oxides and refined waxes. It uses pine oil and eucalyptus oil to provide fungicidal qualities. It works well on imported hard timbers like Kwila and Jarrah, as well as Pine and Macrocarpa. It comes in a range of beautiful colours.


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