Frequently Asked Questions

Are there warranties on the paint?

The interior paint range has a 25 year range warranty (much more superior than the 12 to 14 years other brands give you!) 

Exterior paint has a 10 year warranty same as all other mainstream brands.

Is the Paint safe?

Created from natural & renewable resources it is free from VOC and harmful chemicals. Full disclosed ingredients listings. 

Are you able to colour match other brands?

Yes colour matching is available from all leading brands.


Pigments comply with Declare Certification for the Living Building Challenge (the worlds most stringent health based building certification).  This means they are Red List free.  Pigments are free of harmful ingredients and are non-toxic. They are the most eco-friendly commercial tints available on the market today.

Is there an Exterior Paint?

Absolutely, there is an exterior range and has a 10 year warranty.

What Exterior surfaces can I paint?

Most of the common substrates around we can paint. Ranging from timber, weatherboards, linea weatherboard, plastered systems, shadowclad and many more.

Do you have different sheen levels?

Yes, for interior paints like ceiling flat/matt and lowsheens, semi gloss, gloss. Exterior range can be done in lowsheen, semi gloss and gloss.

Can you paint wet areas like bathrooms etc?

Yes, all wet areas are sealed to specification in non toxic pigmented sealer followed by using an Enamel for it’s hard wearing properties.

Natural House Company timber oils sourced reliably?

Duncan, owner of Natural House travels to villages sourcing the raw materials for their oil finishes. Tung Nut Oil from Vietnam and Southern China, Damar Resin from Sumatra etc.  It is my priority to see these materials are sustainably harvested and a fair price paid. Duncan says ‘It is important to work with the jungle villages to give them income without resorting to felling the trees.”

The products you use, are they local companies?

Yes, Natural Paint Company is based in Christchurch, The Natural House Company is based in Motueka, Nelson.

Can you paint over chemical paint?

Sure can!, not only can we paint over chemical paint but when we do, it encapsulates any chemicals leaching from your old painted surfaces.


Can you spray the paint?

The paint products are sprayable, allowing us to get supreme finishes in place on your home.

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