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Keep your timber looking beautiful, for longer, with our staining experts

We have a full range of gorgeous, natural timber oils and stains. There will be something to suit your needs, whether it’s staining a deck, playground or outdoor furniture and walls.

The beauty of timber is that is has natural diversity. No two trees are the same, so no two pieces of timber are either. Our oils and stains bring out the natural beauty of timber, while maintaining strength and longevity. And, there’s not harmful chemicals or VOCs, so you know your home is safe and natural.

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What’s the harm of traditional oils and stains?

Oil and synthetic based stains are usually made with acrylic, turpentine, and urethane binders. These can contain harmful chemicals that release toxic VOCs. These volatile organic compounds can cause a range of problems for people and animals. This includes skin, eye and lung irritation, headaches, dizziness and breathing difficulties. While the problems ease as the smell dissipates, some people suffer for weeks, or even months afterwards. The long term issues associated with VOCs are unknown, but painters can suffer ongoing breathing issues and have been linked to cancer.

Why Pure Eco Painting?

Because we care about our beautiful natural environment, we care about the quality of the work, and we care about you. We want you to have a beautiful and safe home for many years to come.

Our products provide non-toxic finishes for all your interior and exterior timber. And we apply them with care and skill. From Macrocarpa to Cedar, new cladding to restoring old faded timber, we do it all.

Our painters have had many years experience in commercial and residential painting. We are highly skilled tradespeople, with an excellent understanding of industry best practices, but also balancing that with your home, your needs and the unique environment we live in.

We start with a walk-through of your home, looking at the technical issues that may arise. We can restore oil substrates and cladding, cleaning timber of spores and mould. Then, we can re oil or stain to bring out the best of the timber finish. We can also remove paint from existing windows and architraves, oiling the timber to make that Rimu shine again.

We listen to what you want, and together, we plan how best to achieve your goals. Then, we give you your free, no obligation quote.

Contact us today to arrange a quote, or if you want to chat about our services and range of products. We want your home to be amazing—let us help you achieve that.

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Why choose natural products?

We have a range of natural oils and stains that contain no VOCs, and that cause no harm to the environment. These allow you to keep your home looking amazing, naturally.

These products are a similar price to traditional products, and often more effective and long lasting. After all, a natural product such as timber deserves a beautiful natural finish. A natural stain or oil adds value to your home—not only in terms of aesthetics, but also knowing there is one less source of toxic chemicals in your life.

Our range of products

Deck and exterior oils: Using plant oils, wood rosins and earth oxides, these oils will keep your deck, fence and exterior timber walls looking great for years to come. Generally, these oils use pine oil and eucalyptus oils to provide a natural fungicide to avoid moss, lichen and mould build-up.

The natural oils actually feed the timber, protecting it from splitting and fading. Excellent for imported hardwoods like Jarrah and Kwila, or perfect for local Pine and Macrocarpa decks too. With a range of colours from dark graphite through to simply enhancing natural colour, there’s an option for you. Once applied, you can re-apply every few years or leave the timber to gracefully weather and turn silver, if you prefer.

Internal timber substrates: From natural waxes and oils through to hard varnishes, there is a natural product for every finish. Varnishes are developed from resin, and provide a silky, reflective surface that looks incredible in a contemporary or traditional home.

Timber waxes give lustre and shine to faded timber. Using natural products, you can ensure your home is free from VOCs but also looks beautiful.

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