Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Excellence: Best Practices and Services in Nelson

Introduction Exterior painting is more than just a cosmetic touch-up; it’s a crucial investment in preserving and enhancing the value of properties. In Nelson, with its unique climate and picturesque landscapes, the right exterior paint job can make a world of difference. This article will uncover the essentials of exterior painting, focusing on best

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co housing golden bay

Cultivating Community Through Sustainable Design: A Case Study on the Tākaka Co-Housing Development in Golden Bay

Introduction: The Tākaka Co-Housing Neighbourhood in Golden Bay is an innovative project aimed at fostering a sense of community among residents while prioritising sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This case study explores the collaborative efforts undertaken by Pure Eco Painting, a local painting and timber oiling company, to contribute to the project’s vision. Project Overview:

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Why Natural Paints are the Future of Interior Painting in Nelson

With the growing focus on health and sustainability, more residents are opting for eco-friendly alternatives. Pure Eco Painting is at the forefront, leading the way with chemical-free solutions. This innovative approach uses natural paints, ensuring a safe and green interior painting experience. Breathe Easy with Non-toxic Paints Standard acrylic paints contain harmful chemicals. They

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Oiling and Varnishing Timber

Understanding the Importance of Oiling and Varnishing Timber

When it comes to maintaining the elegance and integrity of your home in Nelson, choosing to oil and varnish your timber elements is a crucial step. As a trusted painter in Nelson, we know firsthand how this process can dramatically enhance the lifespan and beauty of your timber. In this blog post, we look

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Reading the label

Why Nelson & Tasman Locals are Choosing Eco-Friendly Paint

Increasingly, the residents of the beautiful Nelson and Tasman region are making a conscious choice to go green. One significant step in this direction is their selection of an eco-friendly painter Nelson for their homes. This shift reflects not just an aesthetic preference but a deeper commitment to sustainability and a healthier living environment.

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Different Paint Colors with Brushes

4 Tips For Kiwis On Choosing An Interior Paint Colour

In this blog post, we will guide you on how to choose the right interior painting Nelson for your new or existing home, while providing valuable insights for Kiwis who are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly painting solution. Consider Your Home’s Needs When choosing the right interior paint for your new home, it’s

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A Man Holding Paint

Why You Should Choose Local Painters In Nelson For Your Project

When looking for professional painters, you are understandably looking for just the right people for the job. Often, you will need to choose between hiring an established, local painter or a larger contractor. At Pure Eco Painting, we are known as reliable, experienced painters in Nelson. With our professional expertise, we are here to

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Pure Eco Painting Nelson Christchurch | House Painting Photo Gallery | Passive Certified Home Christchurch | Masterbedroom

3 Benefits Of Hiring Eco-Friendly House Painters In Nelson

If you are passionate about decreasing your carbon footprint, you will know that many habits and routines must adapt to achieve this goal. Going green offers several compelling benefits for those around you and the planet, and when your home requires a fresh coat of paint, considering the most sustainable approach will aid your

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Natural Timber Staining

4 Benefits Of Natural Timber Staining

Timber structures will benefit from regular and thorough staining jobs. Exterior, factors such as rain, UV rays and age can take their toll on the quality and appearance of any outdoor timber structure such as fencing, furniture or decking. For this reason, we suggest outsourcing staining experts in Nelson to ensure the longevity of

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Painting Services

The 3 Types Of Paint Services You Need Done Today

Painting your home’s interior and exterior is a fantastic way to bring more atmosphere into your house. The colours you choose will impact the aesthetic of your home and may even impact your family’s mood. When preparing to have your home repainted, you will need to keep in mind the three major paint jobs

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Sustainable Painting

4 Tips To Painting More Sustainably

A fresh paint job can breathe new life into any interior or exterior space. Whether you are painting a wall, a room, or an entire home interior, it’s beneficial to understand how you can paint your home with health and sustainability in mind. While eco-friendly house painters in Nelson may already understand the procedure

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Everything You Need to Know About No VOC Paints | Pure Eco Painting | Painter Nelson

Everything You Need to Know About No VOC Paints

Are no VOC paints just another trend or do they benefit you in the long run? And what exactly are those benefits? Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about no VOC paints.   What are paint VOCs? Conventional oil or water-based paints contain VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. These are

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here we go - pure eco painting nelson

Here We Go

Alarm goes off, it is some silly looking hour in the morning. What am I doing waking up now? Normality is coming back to reality and we have a choice on how we choose to live our lives. In a world of information there are so many sources to choose from, a click and

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Pure Eco Painting Nelson Christchurch | Articles | The Art Of Pure Eco

The Art Of Pure Eco

What services can Pure Eco Painting provide me with? Just another decorator of many? What makes you so different? Good questions. We will get to the heart of what can make you feel proud to use such a service as Pure Eco Painting.We can provide you an extensive plan to redecorating your property with chemical free

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Pure Eco Painting Nelson Christchurch | Articles | Breathe In Quality | Paint pot & Brush

Breathe in quality

Ever wondered what breathing immaculate air would be like? What effect would that have to me if I could? I suppose taking a hike into the mountains and getting away from urban & residential pollution would be a solution. What if I could tell you, that you could have a great deal of control

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Pure Eco Painting Nelson Christchurch | Articles | Nature awakens to lock down | nature kōtare

Nature awakens to lock down

In the current scenario, we are in, it has become increasingly clear that nature is reclaiming its sovereignty. With many reports of animals coming back into areas that were populated with people. These are now becoming a safe haven for nature. Here in Nelson, in my bubble, I have really noticed an increase in

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Kea in South Island Flying

Purify Your Home

This time we face for a lot of us is a time of confined solitude with our loved ones whereas for some it is total solitude. As the world braces itself for isolation, many people are in a state of confinement, shock, disbelief, relief, and unknown. I myself, have this time of reflection to

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about us painters nelson

Sustainable Eco Friendly Painter

A new decorating sustainable business in Nelson, Pure Eco Painting, offers the opportunity to live and work in much healthier surroundings just at a time when people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to safeguard their own health and the health of the planet. Owner Jonny Anderson says he uses only natural, chemical-free,

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