Cultivating Community Through Sustainable Design: A Case Study on the Tākaka Co-Housing Development in Golden Bay

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The Tākaka Co-Housing Neighbourhood in Golden Bay is an innovative project aimed at fostering a sense of community among residents while prioritising sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This case study explores the collaborative efforts undertaken by Pure Eco Painting, a local painting and timber oiling company, to contribute to the project’s vision.

Project Overview:

The Tākaka Co-Housing development has been an ongoing project for over a year, aiming to create a communal living space where homes are connected in a unique way to encourage community interaction. The design of the development reflects the community’s values, emphasising collaboration, sustainability, and local engagement.

Housing Development in Golden Bay

Involvement of Pure Eco Painting:

Pure Eco Painting, a company based in Nelson, has played a key role in bringing the co-housing development’s vision to life. With a dedicated team of four painters, all local to the Golden Bay region, Pure Eco Painting has undertaken all interior painting and oiling of timber trims. They have also been responsible for oiling the exterior macrocarpa boards and painting all soffits.

Golden Bay Area Housing Development

Colour Palette:

The colour palette for the co-housing development has been carefully selected to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The exterior cladding of macrocarpa boards is painted in ‘Half Light Oak’, a subtle and natural shade that complements the surroundings.

The interior colours range from ‘Egyptian Cotton’ to ‘Clover Honey’ and ‘Shell’, creating a harmonious and calming environment. The natural wood trim is oiled in ‘Light Oak’, adding warmth and richness to the interiors.

The soffits are painted in ‘Canterbury Clay’, a shade that adds depth and character to the overall design. This attention to detail in the colour palette is indicative of the project’s commitment to creating a beautiful living space that creates a sense of serenity and belonging.

Housing Development at Golden Bay

Community Engagement:

One of the key aspects of the co-housing development is its emphasis on community engagement. All painters working on the project are local to Golden Bay, highlighting the commitment to supporting the local community and economy.

Housing Development Golden Bay


The Tākaka Co-Housing Neighbourhood in Golden Bay is a testament to the power of community and sustainability. The project’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, coupled with the involvement of local businesses like Pure Eco Painting, reflects a holistic approach to community building.

The careful selection of colours and materials, along with the employment of sustainable methods, has resulted in a tranquil and cohesive living space that resonates with the values of the community. This case study highlights the importance of collaboration, sustainability, and community engagement in creating a successful co-housing development that serves as a model for future projects.

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