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Kea in South Island Flying

This time we face for a lot of us is a time of confined solitude with our loved ones whereas for some it is total solitude. As the world braces itself for isolation, many people are in a state of confinement, shock, disbelief, relief, and unknown.

I myself, have this time of reflection to ponder all that is around us and to contemplate and digest these series of events.

As we work as a global collective, because, this is a global problem, we find ourselves doing something that has potentially huge ramifications. A time of great reflection is upon us, as humanity what is it we can improve? Whether that be personally or as a collective. A time when nations need to work together because as people we are all one.

Make no mistake, this is not a new thing but a series of events that have happened over millennia and will continue to happen, as quoted by someone I know, “There are more viruses on Earth than any living thing.” Viruses are actually important in our ecosystem.

It has become quite abundantly clear with this current age of information what impact we have as a society, and the information we have access to for making positive changes for our environment.

With certain areas in complete lockdown, there have been a lot of images circulating around the internet including the clearer waters in the canals in Venice. Having been there personally they are definitely not waters you would want to put your feet in! Now seeing the fish clearly swimming, it’s amazing how a few days/weeks can heal and change the landscape of human-caused pollution.

The Ozone layer is repairing itself, and has since the 2000s, with the decrease in air pollution during this time has seen it speed up exponentially.

China’s air pollution before and after the shutdown due to the virus has shown startling images of the changes to air quality, the reduced traffic of aeroplanes in the sky and cruise ships has seen a reduced amount of CO2 released into the air and human excrement into our oceans. One could only imagine the impact of industrial pollution coming to a halt with people tending to their loved ones, so imagine the result of tending to our environment. Is that what’s needed?

Looking at things positively, the environment has been given a break, a holiday if you will. I’m sure as time goes on in our isolation more will surface of pristine images, wildlife and reduced toxic waste in this world. What would this do for mankind? How should we be learning and reacting to this? How do we improve ourselves as loving human beings and treating everything around us with care?

Changes start within and the more that people get on board with the idea of caring for this planet and showing compassion for one another (nature included) we will see such a beautiful place again.

Southern Alps New Zealand Snowy Peaks

My passion and the knowledge I acquired in the painting profession has allowed me to change up the industry we are in. To give a healthy option for decorating and to reduce the pollution that common paints cause. Loaded with toxic chemicals they not only leech toxic fumes into the air, in your home and your safe place but also, with brushes and rollers being washed out in the water the chemical paints all end up in our/your oceans, waterways and the soil. Then comes the end of that painted surface’s life, which comes off eventually…. Where’s that going?

The reactions of using chemical-based paint commonly found in our homes are linked to some fairly serious health issues, especially with regards to respiration, cognitive function, and development. Many of these chemicals can cause cancer, as well as a variety of other unappealing ailments like eye/nose/throat irritation, allergy problems, headaches, memory loss, nausea and more. Unfortunately, having seen older painters whose careers have seen them use these paints most of their lives, they’ve weathered the impacts of using such paints and it shows.

So when using natural products you are caring for your health, your family’s health and the environment. It’s plastic after all hence the name ‘Acrylic.’ Having a house that is free of toxins, which you live in for 80% of your time, you can remove all doubt completely.

Quite simply put, the paints and oils we use are completely safe, so how about thinking of making a small change for your environment and your health. Because the planet depends on us making good choices.

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