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Alarm goes off, it is some silly looking hour in the morning. What am I doing waking up now? Normality is coming back to reality and we have a choice on how we choose to live our lives.

In a world of information there are so many sources to choose from, a click and collect choice to attribute to your life of well being, pleasure and comfort.

What is the price of our well-being? With more awareness on mental illness and stress related illnesses; how are you setting yourself up for going back to normal? Or are you intent on changing the way your old self operated with how zen/relaxed/calm or at peace you were in isolation.

Of course, not everybody felt that, kids 24/7 or you simply didn’t stop working, and life went on just in a different setting.

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Mindfulness is spoken of a lot these days and the need to be more aware of your mental state. What effect is your mental state of being having on you, your family or your colleagues?

As I prepare myself and the business to go again full throttle. With an urgency and intent on changing up the industry. Pure Eco Painting in my mind is a focus that sometimes, I need to stop and clear my mind every now and then. Running 100 miles an hour is not conducive to me or my loved ones.

As I would like to believe, I feel I can walk the talk on my path to better health and well being. My journey in life has taken me to make important decisions that will attribute to a better body and mind. Organic food and local as much as possible, body products of as natural of origin and ethically made. Cultured food and drink for “healthy gut – healthy mind.” Natural household cleaning products and buying as minimal as possible products covered in single use material. Meditation, exercise and enjoying a good jog on the beach in bare feet!

It is hard, as we are still in an evolution of learning what impact we have on the environment. However, we are making inroads to progress out of such wasteful disposal and the damage we have on our environmental ecology.

But once you commit yourself, it becomes second nature. You operate in a state of being that is conducive to your well being and your environment.

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There are a lot of problems that still need solving. Pollution, through waste and from transport, industry, toxification of food and body products, industrial farming and so on.

A world of a circular economy in that waste products are reused again and again, if not then using products that can compost naturally. Thereby minimising waste and putting some good into the soil to help the microbiome instead of feeding it a toxic cocktail.

I could have easily walked away from the painting industry. I got so frustrated the damage we were doing to your environment and the health of us, as people working and living in those conditions.

Thinking I do not need to do this. I do not want to facilitate something I do not believe in. But I did not walk away. I found a solution that is truly an even better option than the conventional ways. It was so plainly laid before me that this was common sense, why wouldn’t you?

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The journey I have taken and the exponential growth of Pure Eco Painting over these last two years. With a team so passionate about life and the effects we have on your environment.

But it is also equally important to care for yourself and your mind.

Do I get stressed? I do frequently and it took some acknowledging. That little nudge of looking back “Guess I was a bit stressed,” the realisation coming home in my mind. Easy for me to say “she’ll be right,” or “I’ll get over it”. Wrong attitude and simply not good enough. Or just not actually knowing I was stressed until it was pointed out to me. Value your peace of mind, create work life balance and enjoy yourself and do what you love. To act out in love.

We love our families, our friends, sports, nature, the rivers and oceans, mountains and wildlife. We all do. What can we do to constantly test and evolve into better beings. To help this world be of a creative healthy environment for your future generations.

Take the baton and be your own Eco Warrior. Be of service to nature and Pure Eco Painting can do our best to be of service for you when decorating your home in chemical free products.

For the benefit of your health and for the environment.

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