4 Tips To Painting More Sustainably

Sustainable Painting

A fresh paint job can breathe new life into any interior or exterior space. Whether you are painting a wall, a room, or an entire home interior, it’s beneficial to understand how you can paint your home with health and sustainability in mind. While eco-friendly house painters in Nelson may already understand the procedure and best practices, it is advantageous for homeowners to hold the same knowledge. However, if this sounds daunting, our team can complete the job efficiently and with the highest-grade eco-friendly paints available. 

So, how can you ensure that your next paint job is as earth-friendly as possible? We take a look below. 

Steer Clear From VOCs 

You may already know that you should avoid volatile organic compounds or VOCs in your paints. VOCs are the gases the product emits that are toxic to breathe in, which is why you may feel lightheaded after an afternoon of painting. 

Two options are usually available: low and no VOC products. While ‘no’ hints toward zero, you may find up to 5 grams of the compounds in this solution. However, the low option may include up to 50 grams per product. Therefore, we recommend opting for the no VOC option as the most sustainable, non-toxic solution.

Sample All Paints Beforehand 

Sampling your paints before setting off on your final project ensures that you don’t decide halfway through that you are not as passionate about that lime green for the bedroom as you previously thought. Often, paints look vastly different in a container than on the wall due to lighting and other furnishings within the home. Testing your colours before you begin gives you a clearer perspective regarding the shade of each hue and whether or not it compliments your space. 

Avoid Over Ordering 

Ordering too much product for the project is no uncommon habit among first-time home painters. Overthinking kicks in, with the fear of running out of paint halfway through the job looming, especially when mixing a unique hue. However, you can solve this issue with a coverage calculator to determine the correct quantity of paint for the task. This way, you can avoid cans of unused paint sitting in your garage for years. 

Sustainable painting is a fantastic way to ensure you receive a flawless new coat of colour on those walls while conserving your health and the planet. And while DIY paint jobs may be for some, they do not suit everyone. 

Luckily, Nelson is home to professional eco house painters to carry the job out with a myriad of knowledge and experience. If this sounds up your alley and you are ready to get your residential paint job underway, why not reach out? For enquiries or a quote, get in touch with us today. 

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