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What services can Pure Eco Painting provide me with? Just another decorator of many? What makes you so different?

Good questions. We will get to the heart of what can make you feel proud to use such a service as Pure Eco Painting.
We can provide you an extensive plan to redecorating your property with chemical free products that hold up to the test of time. They also have solid warranties.

The services we provide from the beginning consultation process through to the finished product includes excellent quality, as well as great recommendations that comes with our experience.

From the point of contact, I will come round and offer a free no obligation quote. Educate you on the values of what we do and why the products we use will benefit your experience.

Taking a walk around and inspecting your current paint work conditions; will determine the level of preparation needed to achieve the finish you deserve. The repair work can vary on such a large scale. It is vitally important to know where your paint finish is at to get it back up to scratch on protecting your home. Especially your exterior, it is waterproofing your home.

The fun part for your creative palette is choosing your favorite colours. Not only can I provide great advice on what works well for your space but will offer you the chance to get imaginative. Colours can be quite daunting for some and need an extra pair of eyes to offer you clarity in your decision. Test pots are available if you need to see those colours pop right before your eyes. Also, the Natural Paint Co. can colour match to any chemical paint brand colours.

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What is involved in getting your house painted?

Many of today’s issues are due to previous paint work deteriorating. With no consideration to what is happening under the paint itself. Blistering or cracking of paint where water is penetrating into the timber of your home. Timber becoming rotten can then be compromising the integrity of your building. This can happen without you even realising.

Condensation is a big problem in wet areas or windows where moisture buildup is common. Unfortunately, mould then sets in even if it is not visible. This can lead down the path of rot if left too long. It is really important to clean your surfaces where mould sets in. This is not commonly done. You would be amazed at the difference a good yearly house wash can do to increase the longevity of your painted surface.

Painting is not just cosmetic; but an integral piece of the puzzle in protecting your home from the elements, wear & tear and moisture.

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So, what makes us so different? Well, currently, we are the only decorators in Nelson to solely use local, natural chemical free paint and timber oil products.

Having seen the impacts that common paints cause to my health. Whilst also knowing the impacts it has to our environments I decided enough was enough. Let us be better than what is ‘normal’ and change up this industry. After all, we are all very aware how sick mother nature is now. We have a duty to upkeep our existence on this planet, we are intelligent human beings.

Unfortunately for us painters in Nelson, we have over 40 years of chemically-laden paint on buildings. This has to come off or be repaired one way or another. It is toxic. This should be replaced with a better and more sustainable option than what is on offer with common paints.

In line with our values and with sanding old paint, Festool vacuum sanders do the deed for us. They collect unwanted chemical dust from going into the ground to client’s gardens or the environment. While also using in interiors, we can keep dust down to a minimum for a healthy and safe environment.

We can fully operate with you in or out of the premises. With some clients, we work in stages to make it easier for you to move furniture around and be more bearable in your living space. This is so you do not feel your home has been taken over.

Our services comprise of a full exterior house wash; to painting and spray finishing claddings on exterior substrates; oiling pre-existing timber and new timber cladding. We spray interior paints and have all the products on hand for wet areas and enamels for woodwork. We also bring timber back to the way it ought to look using premium Danish oils, interior oils and exterior oils.

Our communication is paramount to the way we operate. You can ensure we have great punctuality with completing your job to the specified schedule; and work in with times frames set to allow for your piece of mind.

Taking pride in our work of doing something that is right for you and the environment we have a reputation of leaving the job in impeccable condition. Our standard is nothing short of excellence and our reviews portray this.

So, if you’re thinking of getting some renovations completed, consider Pure Eco Painting to transform your home. We operate in the Nelson Tasman region as well as Christchurch. We have a team of knowledgeable & experienced painters who will see your job over the finish line. It will be a finish to be proud of. You deserve a healthy home.

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