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“Highly skilled painter. Good communicator. Great range of colours. Non-toxic paint, so nothing to worry about for the health of the environment, your family.” Joy Mackenzie

Our Paint Guarantee

Standard paint is toxic plastic

Standard paint is toxic ‘plastic’

Hazardous plastic chemicals include acetone, xylene, toluene, benzene, plus hundreds more…

The healthy paint

The healthy paint

Natural paint & Oil don’t contain toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

The Environmental choice

The Environmental choice

Using natural paints & oils is better for the environment in the whole cycle of redecorating your home

Great quality competitive price

Great quality, competitive price

Just because it’s ECO doesn’t mean you pay more! Have equal and longer product warranties. Trade qualified workmanship for 13 years

Natural & Sustainable Ingredients

Natural & Sustainable Ingredients

Ingredients provided by nature, full disclosed ingredients listings

Supporting NZ & local made products

Supporting NZ & local made products

Support local businesses making a difference for our environment and health

pure eco painting team and vehicles

“Personally I feel it’s vital that a change is made to allow a greater understanding of why we change old habits into a more constructive and healthier lifestyle, the planet is calling us to be better role models for the generation of tomorrow.”

Do you want to make a change that benefits the environment and your own health?

Mainstream paint that is used these days is called Acrylic, in other words plastic, not to mention the toxic chemicals.

Paints I use have ingredients that are sustainable & sourced reliably.Product warranty outlasting mainstream paint.Use products that promote re-planting of rain forest through the Rainforest trust organisation.

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